What Is Content Marketing?


You're probably familiar with terms like SEO, SEM & PPC. Search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. SEM broadly sits above the other two sub categories. SEO and PPC are both components of search marketing and are primarily focused on building relevant traffic to a particular website.

Content Marketing is another sub category that fits into both SEO and general digital marketing. Content marketing is about creating content on a particular domain for the purposes of winning traffic and earning links - helping with SEO - AND creating content on external websites for the purposes of sending traffic to the primary site or earning more links. 

Link earning is still one of the key drivers of SEO success. 


Example Case Study:

Body Catalyst is one of Australia's leading medispa clinics. They adopt a mix of PPC, SEO & content marketing strategies


1. Client site:



2. A piece of content created for the purposes of winning search traffic or earning links:



3. Pieces of content marketing for the purpose of winning refrral traffic:




Clive Morley