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The snake charmer is sought after in all parts of Melbourne.
The snake charmer in Melbourne is the best known snake handler in town wher it comes to nightclubs and the like.
The snake charmer is regularly seen with large snakes, crocodiles and the full suite of critters in clubs, bars, discos and other venues in Melbourne and nearby parts of Victoria. By day the snake charmer does kids reptile parties, corporate reptile party events, school incursions and reptile displays at major events, expos and festivals. Whatever your need with snakes, the Melbourne snake charmers have you covered.
The snake charmer also does reptiles for hire for photoshoots, coroprate product launches, TV work, advertising and other one-off events and activities.
A popular daytime theme is the kid's reptile birthday party, often seen in suburbs and homes across Melbourne.
The snake charmer is cometimes called the mobile reptile zoo, featuring a mobile reptile show that comes to your home or other venue of your choice, including of course nightclub venues at night.
Mums, dads and people not at that stage of life yet have often been to a kids birthday party featuring a clown, a magician, face painters, jumping castles, strippers and all the rest and are actively seeking out something different for their own child or themselves.
Teens and young adults also want something out of the ordinary for their next big party, anniversary or event.
Some years back, the Snakeman Raymond Hoser invented the reptile party, registered the trademark and has been going gangbusters ever since.
He got the reptile parties trademark as well, so that no one else could bootleg his idea in any near way.
Not legally anyway!
Although that has not stopped quite a few scammer and imitators trying to steal the Raymond Hoser concept.
Even after Raymond Hoser took out several court orders stopping bootleggers and trademark infringers, the crooks just ignored the law and kept going.
So what exactly is a reptile party?

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Foor most people, a reptile party is not just reptiles.
Also included are non-reptile animals such as frogs and sometimes other things, but the snakes are invariably the main part of the event.
Sure crocodiles have a wow factor, because everyone has seen the man-eaters on TV.
But invariably most people at most times are handling the snakes and want to.
Snake charmers at clubs are usually seen with snakes and not anything else.
That is why they are called snake charmers!
For the hands on part of the show, this means pythons and lots of them.
These are usually the giant things!
Everyone wants to hold a snake and in terms of adults, young kids and most other people most of the time this is always "now" or immediately.
People never want to wait.
So at the snake charmer reptile party, the idea is that all the adults and kids can hold animals at the same time.
Snake charmer parties are educational and the presentation gives people a rundown on safety, wildlife conservation and all the other things all people including mums, dads and teachers should know.
The reality of course is slightly different, in that pretty much everything the people are told, goes in one ear and out the other.
Same applies for school reptile shows, no matter how hard the class teacher tries to make the incursion educational.
But all is not lost.
What is really educational and what the no one ever forgets is the handling of the animals.
Each and every person at a snake charmer event, will remember the experience. This includes what the snake felt like, how soft the crocodile was underneath and exactly how they move and act.
This is real education that does not go in one ear and out of the other and makes the snake charmer a hard act to beat.
Snake charmer acts, kids reptile parties are popular in all parts of Melbourne and nearby parts of Victoria, and contrary to popular perception are a kids party event.
The reptiles brought in are not venomous and therefore a bite is not going to do any significant damage.
Venomous snakes if brought in, must by law be surgically devenomized, so they too are completely safe.
Most of the animals are captive reared and friendly like dogs and cats.
However they are usually better behaved than either canines or felines!
Even the crocodiles, which have a shocking reputation for being evil temperemental things are usually increadibly laid back and are quite happily handled by adults and kids for hours on end.
The crocodiles are also far more intelligent than most people give them credit for.
To learn more about the Melbourne Snake Charmer, visit the website at and remember that you need to book well in advance to secure your spot as live snakes for entertainment, photo shoots and for hire are always in hot demand.


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