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Dangerous snakes are a fact of life all over Australia.
From southern Tasmania, to the top end of the Northern Territory, or from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth or Brisbane, dangerous snakes may turn up.
Evin in the heart of the biggest cites, deadly snakes are commonly seen.
Melbourne and Hobart get mainly Tiger Snakes and Copperheads, Sydney and Brisbane, get mainly black snakes and brown snakes, Adelaide is pretty much all Browns, while Perth is mainly Browns and Tiger Snakes.
All can kill you if they bite you.
While snakes rarely bite, people still get bitten.
This is mainly because people are so stupid that they harass and attack snakes and then when the snake gets hurt, it bites back.
Problem is that no one bitten by a venomous snake every admits it is their fault!
Dangerous snakes need to be handled and removed from places before some moron gets bitten.
This is where snake catchers are needed.
But who trains the snake handlers to handle deadly snakes?
In Australia, the Snake Man Raymond Hoser was the first government-licensed snake snake catcher in the country back in the early 1970's.
But Hoser couldn't be everywhere at once and so he has been training snake handlers ever since.
Hoser does government licensed snake handler training courses in all parts of Australia.

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Snake catcher courses are mandatory in some employment situations, such as security at mine sites in remote areas and in this situation the Snake Man comes and trains those who need training.
Snake handling courses usually take a day or so, but this depends on what the client needs.
Most of the time, the people doing snake control courses simply need to catch snakes and relocate snakes.
One of these courses can be completed in anywhere from four hours to a day.

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On other occasions the students need to be taught such things as keeping and breeding.
This typically includes staff at zoos and fauna parks.
Then there are those who do fauna surveys in remote areas who need to be able to catch and identify the snakes down to the finest level.
For these students courses can be customized and made to suit what the client needs.
A long course can be as long as week.
Longer courses generally are not available and while one can always get a uni degree in science, these do not in fact teach snake handling.
Snake catching and snake handling are very specialized skills and the only man in Australia with the full skill set, being snake handling, snake catching and snake ID, is Raymond Hoser.
For this reason, Hoser's snake catching courses are the most sought after in Australia.
A snake handling course is essential for someone likely to need to handle venomous snakes, such as a snake catcher and a pest controller.
Bushwalkers and people living in remote areas do not need to do a course.
All they need to remember is that if they see a snake, to simply give it right of way and to keep out of their way.
No snake will ever go out of their way to bite a person and so the risk of snakebite to those who avoid them is effectively nil.

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