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Tiger snakes

Snake removal is not a job for the faint hearted.
For a snake handler, one bite may mean death.
The job of a snake catcher does require nerves of steel.
Raymond Hoser, better known as the Snake Man, has been mucking around with snakes all his life.
That is well over 50 years of full-time snake handling.
In around 1978, he became Australia's first government-licensed snake catcher.
Back then he used to do all his work voluntarily, but that could not last forever.
Like everyone else in the world, Raymond Hoser has to eat, pay rent and even pay for fuel to drive to the homes he rescued snakes from.
Others who got snake capture licenses after Raymond Hoser made a point of extracting money from people they visited to remove their snakes.
As it happened, most people were more than happy to pay to have snakes removed from their properties.
Raymond Hoser, set up Snakebusters, a snake removal firm and for decades, Snakebusters has been gangbusters!
Raymond Hoser is the businest and best known snake catcher on the planet.
Operating in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, he is often run off his feet keeping residents, businesses and government safe from venomous snakes.
When not catching snakes, Raymond Hoser is equally busy breeding rare and threatened species, doing live willdlife shows, kids reptile parties and even training dogs to avoid snakes.
Snake catcher work gets in the way of all this, because when doing snake removal, snakes literally turn up anytime and anywhere and as a snake handler you must drop everything you are doing to rush off and catch the snake.
As a result it is not uncommon for the Snakeman to work day and night in summer and sleep deprivation is not uncommon.
Raymond Hoser has caught thousands of deadly snakes, not just in Australia, but elsewhere as well, including, Black Snakes, Brown Snakes, Taipans, Death Adders, Coperheads, Tiger Snakes, Rough-scaled Snakes, King Brown Snakes, Rattlesnakes, Cobras and more.
For those wondering which of these is the "worst" to handle or for snake removal, the answer is none.
For an experienced snake catcher and snake handler like Raymond Hoser, there is no snake that really gives him any grief.
All are predictable and easily handled when you know what you are doing.
For those who don't know what they are doing when it comes to snakes and who want to learn, Raymond Hoser also does the world's most highly acclaimed snake handling courses as well.
Almost every snake catcher in Australia and many elsewhere have been trained or educated by Raymond Hoser.

Raised snakes

Snake catcher courses are mandatory in some employment situations, such as security at mine sites in remote areas or for wildlife surveyers and Raymond Hoser teached them as well

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Tiger Snakes

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